New Feature

We are pleased to announce that as of today, all of the core functionality for potlucks is now on the production server. As we finish that milestone, we turn to another one that we have been planning for a while now. Soon we will begin rolling out ‘advanced potlucks’, which will give hosts even more options to ensure the event is successful.

When you host a normal potluck, you pick out a name or theme and decide what to bring, but each attendee can ultimately bring what they wish. With advanced potlucks, however, the host can pick out specific items and quantities that need to be brought, and as people RSVP to attend, they will be able to select which items they will bring.

Look for this feature to debut in the coming weeks.

Newcomers to MealShare can now see what the site looks like without having to sign up first.  We’ve recently put together this page, which demonstrates some of the features of the site.

The page is also capable of recognizing if the viewer has been invited to join a MealShare circle.  If that is the case, some of the information on the page will change to reflect the circle the viewer has been invited to join.  We hope this makes the site even more inviting to those you want to join.

Yesterday, MealShare was the top entry for  With that exposure, hundreds of circles were formed in over 30 countries on 6 continents.  Along the way, we began getting some great feedback from users about ways to improve the site’s navigation.  Primary among those suggestions was how many steps are required to get one’s friends to join.

This morning we finished a little modification that will improve the overall experience.  For anyone that has created a circle, we’ve updated the invitation page to provide a URL that you can tweet, post on your facebook wall, or share in any manner you wish to get the invitations out to your friends so they can join your circle.

In addition, for users who have not joined MealShare, that invitation URL provides a smoother process to take you from invitee to a part of your friend’s circle.  More updates coming later this morning!