Do you wish you could see your friends more often but your schedule is just too busy? Interested in a hassle-free way of getting together with friends to eat?

MealShare is a free website geared around making it ridiculously easy for existing groups of friends (we call them "MealShare circles") to eat together. How great is that?!

How it works

Suppose you would like to have a few friends over next Thursday for dinner. Simply log in, click the "host" button and fill in the meal info ("Caesar salad and soup", "Thursday at 8pm", "room for 3").

After you supply the basic information, each friend in your MealShare circle will get an email letting them know all the details. Any open spots for your meal are available on a first-come, first-serve basis to the friends in your circle.

Once your RSVP deadline passes, you'll get notification from MealShare of who is coming. And that's just the tip of the iceburg. MealShare also has the most advanced potluck features on the web, tools to help you host private dinner parties, and much more.

The Benefits of MealShare:

You'll never have to cook a meal you don't want to. Never have to attend a meal you don't like. Never have to commit to an evening you'd rather spend doing something else. Each member in your circle can be as active as it suits him or her. Whether you want to join in a meal three times a week or once every other month, be involved at a level that fits your lifestyle.

No need to RSVP regrets. Only RSVP for meals that fit your schedule and sound appetizing. Guidelines are established up front so guests and hosts know whether the meal is an eat-and-run or stay-and-linger. No awkward silences or passive-aggressive friends when the meal is over!

It does not matter if your circle has two members or two hundred. Everyday we are creating more and more tools to add meaningful community in your life through the sharing of meals. Whether that's advanced potluck features to help you plan a wine and cheese soirée, tools to make your next dinner party less stressful, or a the perfect method to introduce new friends to your mix, MealShare will make your dining days a cut above the rest.

So what are you waiting for? See your friends over dinner and regain that sense of community you've been longing for.

Still got questions? See it in action here or check out the frequently asked questions for more detailed information about how MealShare works.

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